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Student Transportation: With the winter weather, inclement (snow) days are likely in our future.  You can find cancellation updates on the Bus Planner website, the SCSTC twitter feed and our school twitter @tec_beeton_es or download the BPDelays app to your phone.  We are the south zone.  

Daycare: We are very excited to be partnering with the Ministry of Education to build a new all day daycare.  Construction begins in January and although growing pains are to be expected, we know this daycare will bring much needed care to our little ones in Beeton.   

Parking Lot: 

With expected construction, our parking lot will be reduced over time. We are trying to keep the parking lot open to visitors (families) but due to availability of spaces and safety, it may be limited to staff only.  We will advise as construction continues.  

In the meantime, flow and safety are of utmost importance.  If you enter the kiss and ride lane, please do not stop until you reach the crosswalk to let your child(ren) out of the car. Students can then use the crosswalk to safely walk to their yard entrance.  If you are parking, spaces may not be readily available and you may need to do an extra loop while waiting for a spot.  Please be patient.  

Accessible spots are for those with accessible parking passes only. Please do not park in these spaces without a pass at anytime.  If spaces are full, please continue to loop the parking lot until a space is available.